About Suzie’s Cat Refuge

Suzie’s Cat Refuge is a small, foster-based rescue for cats, dedicated to the beautiful and much-loved Siamese cat pictured above, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the fall of 2014, after suffering the effects of acute renal failure.  Suzie’s owner, Rachel Pouliot, was so profoundly saddened by her passing that she decided to start Suzie’s Cat Refuge, which, at the time, amounted to no more than a room in the upstairs of her home.  Rachel first began fostering for a local rescue group called the Angel of Hope Animal Rescue, but within a year, decided to start rescuing cats on her own.

Suzie’s Cat Refuge is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  We are an approved Rescue Partner for the Minnesota Animal Humane Society, and we primarily offer refuge to strays, and cats that are in danger of being euthanized in local shelters.  Sorry, but we are not guaranteed to have space for owner-surrendered cats, unless the owner is willing to foster the cat until it is adopted.  There are usually so many cats in urgent need, and we are still a very small rescue, so we have to prioritize our intakes.  Strays that are injured, or roaming outdoors in frigid weather, cats that have been abandoned, and cats that are in danger of euthanasia are our highest priority.  Please, only surrender your cats to a shelter or rescue when absolutely necessary, and only as a last resort!

All cats fostered with us are given a loving and clean living environment, proper food and water, daily attention, and all needed veterinary care.  Veterinary care includes FLV/FIV testing, deworming (if stray or outdoor), treatment for any illnesses or injuries, and vaccines and sterilization before being placed into loving homes. All surgeries, vaccines, and testing are done by licensed veterinarians. Under no circumstances are cats here declawed.  We only euthanize cats that are suffering from an illness or injury with a poor prognosis, and a good quality of life can no longer be maintained.


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