About Suzie’s Cat Refuge

Suzie’s Cat Refuge is small, foster-based rescue organization for cats, dedicated to my beloved Siamese, who passed away in the fall of 2014 from the effects of acute renal failure.  Everyone who knew Suzie would attest to her being an absolute gem, so if you didn’t know her, well….how unfortunate for you.  Either way, if you’ve ever watched a cat go through its life cycle, then you know that these amazing critters live a long time, which allows for strong and complex bonds to form between cats and the humans who are owned by them.  Thus, it’s heartbreaking when they die.  After Suzie died, helping cats in need seemed to be the best way to manage my grief.  It also seemed to be the best way to honor Suzie, who herself had once gone through the misadventures of owner surrender, shelter life, and finally, adoption by me when she was three years old.  She was 18 years old when she passed, and I still have a hole in my heart for her.

In December of 2014, Suzie’s Cat Refuge acquired its first litter of kittens from a local rescue.  Three of the most adorable, poop-crusted little orphans I’d ever laid eyes on!  Since then, my experiences in rescuing/fostering cats have been quite the adventure, jam-packed with a roller coaster of twists and turns, frustrations and disappointments, as well as countless hours of the best entertainment imaginable.

Suzie’s Cat Refuge is NOT a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.  However, that will change within the next year, as a condition of my Rescue Partner agreement with the Animal Humane Society.  For now, I’m simply running it as a small, largely self-funded service to cats, giving safe refuge to strays, and cats that are in danger of being euthanized in local shelters.  Sorry, but I am no longer taking owner-surrendered cats, unless the owner is willing to foster the cat until it is adopted.

The more I am able to increase my fund-raising efforts, the more likely it is that I will eventually be able to recruit additional foster volunteers, and help more cats in need.  Thankfully, Suzie’s Online Store has been quite successful!  I’ve managed to cover a good portion of my food, supplies, and vetting costs by selling items that people have donated to the store, or that were acquired from “Free!” ads.  Somewhere down the road, I would also like to begin offering pet sitting services.  I’m always looking for ways to raise money for the cat refuge that actually benefit my supporters in one way or another,  rather than simply drain their pockets.

All cats fostered here are fed a wholesome, nutritious diet, and given all the necessary vet care, which includes FLV/FIV testing, testing for fecal parasites (if stray or outdoor), treated for any illnesses or injuries, and vaccinated and fixed before being placed into loving homes. All surgeries, vaccines, and testing are done by licensed veterinarians. Under no circumstances are cats here declawed, or euthanized, unless suffering from an illness or injury with a poor prognosis.

I created this page as a platform to share my stories, as well as any knowledge gained from the unique situations I encounter with each cat that is fostered here.  My hope is that the people who read this blog, who no doubt, love their cats, will learn something from my experiences as well, and become better pet owners as a result. In any information that I dispense, I will attempt to be as impartial as I can, and cite the most scientifically valid sources I can find.  I’ll state my opinion as well, of course, but I’m quite open to feedback and civil debating, especially if you are a long-time cat fosterer, have a veterinary background, or extensive experience as any kind of animal welfare specialist.  Ultimately, I’m hoping to become a better cat parent too, so if you have advice or suggestions, I would very much like to hear them!  Just be polite.  I’m sensitive.  😉

Happy reading!


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